Belmond Cap Juluca - Anguilla

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Travel inspires, whether you vacation for rest, relaxation or adventure finding the ultimate destination is usually the most challenging aspect of planning.

Anguilla checks all the boxes, and when we heard that Belmond was taking over management of Cap Juluca, we knew we had to add a new box to check.

Known for their attention to detail, Belmond has risen to the top of any "must stay" destination list.  Quickly eclipsing the former hotel giants like Four Seasons as our first choice wherever we journey.

We were not disappointed.  Belmond is on the right track to make Cap Juluca one of the top travel destinations in the Caribbean, and maybe the world.  

With turquoise water, fantastic staff and a location that could only be described as breathtaking, we were inspired to share our views of Cap Juluca with you.